RSPB Red List for conservation efforts

The RSPB Red List prioritises action for species that need help immediately. Criteria include: 

  • Species is globally threatened.

  • Historical population decline in UK during 1800–1995.

  • Severe (at least 50%) decline in UK breeding population over last 25 years, or longer-term period (the entire period used for assessments since the first BoCC review, starting in 1969).

  • Severe (at least 50%) contraction of UK breeding range over last 25 years, or the longer-term period.


"Prioritising is vital as we don’t have money and resources to work on everything, even within the red list we can’t prioritise action for all 67 species."

What can WE ALL do to help?

The first step is considering what to do in your own outdoor spaces to create better habitats for wildlife. Those who have a garden could consider wildlife friendly gardening - create a pond, plant pollen rich flowers, or plant shrubs with berries for birds.