Help reduce unnecessary waste

Aim for zero waste!

Find a plastic-free and bulk-buy food shop that only sells organic and seasonal produce - from as close to home as possible. Take your reusable containers with you!

Compost food waste or use a Council food waste bin, to help reduce harmful pesticide use.

Ask a community garden or allotment if they can use your brown papers for their compost.

Always seek alternatives. For example, loo roll doesn’t need to be wrapped in plastic! Find a bulk buy shop that sells loose rolls, or at the very least wrapped in brown paper.

Treat recycling as a last resort. If you must buy something in a recyclable bottle or container that you can’t reuse perhaps a local school or charity can use the empties for arts and crafts?

If you MUST buy something in packaging that can’t be reused or recycled, return the packet to the shop. If they take greater responsibility for disposal they might re-think the packaging.

Donate unwanted stuff to charity rather then sending it to landfill which comes at great cost!