Cultural eco-systems of Creative People + Places

“This research report from Jonathan Gross and Nick Wilson from King's College London examines the cultural eco-systems of Creative People and Places projects and offers new ways to understand what place-based programmes can seek to achieve in the long term. The report also sets out some important considerations for the development of flourishing cultural eco-systems. 

The report will be useful for any communities, networks, organisations or individuals seeking to adopt an ecological approach to cultural development. It shows how ecological perspectives can deepen understanding of the challenges and opportunities for CPP - and other place-based programmes - to affect systemic change”. 



By mowing less in spring and summer you can give clover, buttercups, dandelions and other flora a chance to flower to help pollinators like bees, butterflies, hoverflies and moths. And enjoy seeing which flowers emerge, adding natural joy and colour to your garden! @LGSpace

How walking opens new horizons

Walking provides just enough diversion to occupy the conscious mind, but sets our subconscious free to roam. Trivial thoughts mingle with important ones, memories sharpen, ideas and insights drift to the surface.

“It’s good to think when you walk, but it’s even better not to,” says Kagge, who prefers to switch his phone off, too. “That’s when you find answers to questions you didn’t even know you had.”