Community-based partnerships for all walks of life

Welcoming partnerships with charities, schools and local community groups

Together with charitable groups, schools and community venues, our work benefits local communities and creates opportunities for outreach to wider audiences.

Any school, venue, cause, business or social group may host a private or public workshop on their premises for an existing community or as outreach to wider audiences - all ages, abilities and level of talent. A workshop fee applies. Enquiries and bookings.

Continuing our work in south London we are also seeking community and commercial partners, from the south of England in particular, whose beneficiaries seek creative enrichment.

We specialise in societal and environmental themes.





We pride ourselves on connecting established artists and grassroots community networks through accessible creativity workshops for all walks of life. 

Sponsor a workshop: We regularly hear from smaller charities and voluntary groups without sufficient funds to host creative enrichment events. As a sponsor, your support will subsidise a workshop for your favourite local organisation or community.

Host a workshop for your existing beneficiaries, or to attract new faces: We offer creativity workshops all year round that offer enrichment and publicity opportunities for your cause, school, venue or brand. Explore your interests and themes in a visual form at a location of your choice. The creative process is adaptable to most subjects.

Workshops may be indoor or outdoor; public or private; for groups of most ages, including families; on a booking or drop-in basis. We will advise the best approach for your objectives, circumstances and target audience. A workshop fee applies.

We would also love to create with you a workshop series focused on the skills and experiences that support the education, employment or training goals of participants.

Showcase your work: Use the workshop output to enhance the reach of your current and future programmes. If you would like to host a public or private exhibition to present a selection of the work made, we can organise this for you on your premises or at a location of your choice. We specialise in curating exhibits in spaces that are not traditional gallery or display areas. Workshops can be structured to create site-specific art for a future exhibition feature or backdrop.