For all walks of life

Community-based creative enrichment

  • Exhibitions and creativity workshops in partnership with community hosts

  • Delivered by established artists

  • Community, environmental and societal themes

  • Open to various ages, levels and abilities

  • To further encourage creativity, the best work made - regardless of age - has the potential to be exhibited in a public setting

Subsidised opportunities to attract participation from deep within the grassroots

Since 2013 we have welcomed all walks of life with free and very low cost creative activities during annual festivals and in community-based settings. Events that are highly accessible to the wider general public are extremely time consuming and costly to deliver. To continue this important grassroots work, year-round we rely on art buyers and group workshop bookings.

Please show your support:

  • purchase from the paintings, prints or mixed media gallery

  • buy from Art Hut at our London Battersea Park base

  • book a workshop place at the beautiful garden venue in Battersea Park

  • book a private group workshop at a venue of your choice

Workshops for private groups

We specialise in creative enrichment workshops with community and nature themes, for various ages, levels and abilities. Year-round we can offer sessions in general creativity, sculpture, painting and printmaking.

Work commenting on vulnerable flora and fauna will be considered at the discretion of the curator for entry into the Rarely Seen collection, an initiative to help raise awareness about endangered species conservation.

  • Weeknight and weekend dates available;

  • Two hours per session. with longer sessions possible depending on budget;

  • Open to private groups of various ages, levels and abilities. Under 18s and vulnerable adults must be accompanied and supervised always by their parent or adult guardian;

  • Minimum of 15 and maximum of 20 people at the Battersea Park Main Garden venue. Animals and bicycles are not allowed in the workshop or left unattended in the garden;

  • Happy to discuss holding the workshop at your preferred venue.

In response to the theme  Abundance   and Scarcity , participants in this creativity session created drawings and collages addressing food waste, nature, politics and families. Held in a community garden during their harvest celebrations.

In response to the theme Abundance and Scarcity, participants in this creativity session created drawings and collages addressing food waste, nature, politics and families. Held in a community garden during their harvest celebrations.

Reach wider audiences

Charities, schools, public venues, work teams or social groups. Host one of our workshops on your premises, or come to our London Battersea Park base in a beautiful garden setting.

We are happy to suggest a topic or design a workshop that explores your specific interests within community and environmental themes.

Publicity opportunities for your cause or brand

Offer creative enrichment to your existing beneficiaries or to attract new faces.

Participants benefit from creative enrichment in a relaxed and familiar setting, with practitioners who they wouldn't have otherwise worked alongside.

Showcase the results

Workshops can be structured with your future exhibition or event in mind so that you can use the workshop creations for ongoing outreach. With a selection of the best work, host a public or private exhibition or create a visual feature at your next event. We can organise this at a location of your choice or help you find the best venue. The curator specialises in exhibitions and events outside of traditional venues.


In partnership with charities, voluntary groups, community centres, public venues and primary schools we have delivered over 25 exhibitions plus around 700 places in workshops and talks.

The majority of participants, across all ages, have attended multiple events since 2013. We know from their feedback that they enjoy the opportunity to develop their creative interests and self-expression in a supportive environment. Many have said they would probably otherwise have stayed at home had they not attended our events during weekends and holidays. 

Aspiring and emerging artists from as young as age six have been invited to create new solo work for exhibitions.

As a growing collective we are proud to have received excellent media support over the years, which also benefits our charity and other community-based partners. Please click for a short feature about our Move event.


  • 700 places enjoyed by ages 3 to 80+ in 50 creative enrichment workshops and talks.

  • 25 group exhibitions in a dozen public and private venues including gardens, co-working spaces; cafes/restaurants; youth clubs and community centres.

  • Hundreds of hours of workshops delivered through partnerships with over 30 established artists in painting, print making, drawing, collage, mixed media, cartooning, sculpture and ceramics.

  • In London, hosted by three primary schools, six youth clubs, seven public venues and charitable groups: Thrive charity Battersea Park; Doddington & Rollo Community Roof Garden; IntoUniversity Brent; IntoUniversity Lambeth; Future Skills Youth Training; Haven Lodge sheltered accommodation; WoW Mums; Devas Youth; Hebe Foundation; Katherine Low Settlement and the Bromley-by-Bow Centre.

  • The majority of workshop participants, across all ages, have attended multiple sessions since 2013.

  • Politics on Canvas and Tell the Canvas are community/society themed creativity workshops for adults and young people. For all levels and ideally beginners.

  • Locals' Exhibition launched in 2016 during two London fringe arts festivals offering free workshops and talks. Locals' Art Hut is the flagship production in the Locals' Exhibition series.

  • The inaugural Move Exhibition opened in 2014 at Hebe Foundation during a London fringe arts festival - following which the Move collection went on tour in central London and Bath. Work by 80 people from ages 4 to 83 was exhibited, including that of eight professional artists who ran Move workshops within the community in the lead up to the launch.

  • Move Exhibition and Locals' Exhibition showcased in London for Wandsworth Fringe Arts festival 2015 and 2016.

  • Emerge Exhibition opened in 2013 at Devas youth club during a London fringe arts festival. Work by seven professional artists was showcased alongside art by young people made during sculpture, painting, drawing and photography workshops.