Creative enrichment for all walks of life


We offer creativity workshops and talks, delivered through partnerships with community-based hosts and established artists. Partnerships are typically focused around environmental and societal objectives and themes, and aim to attract participation from deep within the grassroots.

Participants benefit from creative enrichment in a relaxed and familiar setting, with practitioners who they wouldn't have otherwise worked alongside. To further encourage their creativity, any of the best work made - regardless of age - has the potential to be exhibited within a community-based setting. The emphasis is to profile work by aspiring, emerging and professional artists alike, who respond to the same creative theme set by the curator.

I want to revive and reveal my unconditioned and uninhibited self
— Jonny Briggs

Free or low cost events for all ages and levels

Together with local hosts and partners, we participate annually in Chelsea Fringe, Wandsworth Arts Fringe, Community Business Weekend and Get Creative UK.

Producing free and low cost events that are open to the public is extremely time consuming and therefore costly. We rely on art buyers and workshop hosts to help continue our work. Please show your support.


We pride ourselves on connecting families and established artists at workshops and exhibitions. In partnership with charities, voluntary groups, community centres, public venues and primary schools we have delivered over 25 exhibitions plus around 650 places at visual art workshops and talks.

The majority of participants, across all ages, have attended multiple events since 2013. We know from their feedback that they enjoy the opportunity to develop their creative interests and self-expression in a supportive environment. Many have said they would probably otherwise have stayed at home had they not attended our events during weekends and holidays. 

Workshop participants of all ages, from as young as six years, have been invited to enter further solo work for group exhibitions.

As a growing collective we are proud to have received excellent media support over the years, which also benefits our community-based partners. Please click here for a feature highlighting our work.

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  • Locals' Art Hut Chelsea Fringe Festival partnership with Thrive Battersea Park, annually since 2016.
  • Around 650 places enjoyed by ages 3 to 84 in over 50 workshops and talks.
  • 25 group exhibitions in a dozen public and private venues including gardens, co-working spaces; cafes/restaurants; youth clubs and community centres.
  • Hundreds of hours of workshops delivered through partnerships with 25 artists in painting, print making, drawing, collage, mixed media, cartooning, sculpture and ceramics. Hosted by three primary schools; four London youth clubs; seven public venues and charitable groups including Thrive Battersea Park; Doddington & Rollo Community Roof Garden; IntoUniversity Brent; IntoUniversity Lambeth; Future Skills Youth Training; Haven Lodge sheltered accommodation; WoW Mums; Devas Youth; Hebe Foundation; Katherine Low Settlement and the Bromley-by-Bow Centre.
  • The majority of workshop participants, across all ages, have attended multiple sessions since 2013.
  • At Dashi cafe Bath Spa Station Platform 2 see work by a group of aspiring, emerging and professional artists.
  • Politics on Canvas and Tell the Canvas are community/political themed creativity workshops for adults and young people, all levels drawing and collage. Email to enquire about hosting this workshop on your premises for 15 to 20 participants.
  • Locals Exhibition launched in 2016 during two London fringe arts festivals including free workshops and talks.
  • Move Exhibition and Locals Exhibition showcased in London at The Magic Garden and Mason's Arms for 2015 and 2016 arts festivals. 
  • The inaugural Move Exhibition opened in 2014 at Hebe Foundation during a London fringe arts festival, following which the Move collection went on tour in London and Bath. Work by around 80 artists from ages 6 to 83 years was exhibited, including that of eight professional artists who ran Move workshops within the community in the lead up to the launch.
  • Emerge Exhibition opened in 2013 at Devas youth club during a London fringe arts festival. Work by seven professional artists was showcased alongside art by young people made during sculpture, painting, drawing and photography workshops.